East River Trail Connection


The East River Trail Connection will bridge the gap between Joannes Park and the Fox River Trail through the historic Olde Main Street District. This “missing link” will connect the urban environment to the natural beauty of our City Parks and the East River.

Benefits & Impact

This connection will benefit the entire regional trail system, but will especially become an asset to neighboring homes and businesses. The success of the Fox River Recreational Trail offers a shining local example of the positive impacts of new trails - enhanced property values, enhanced health and wellness opportunities, economic development, and neighborhood stabilization.

But the East River corridor is unique from the Fox River in many ways, and holds the potential to enhance the vibrant urban environment of Olde Main Street and the Three Corners, Downtown, Joannes, and Navarino Neighborhoods in the following ways:

  • Healthy Living: Closer opportunities for more neighborhood residents to walk, bike, run and rollerblade on an attractive trail.
  • Neighborhood Livability: Supporting the enjoyment, attractiveness, and overall quality of life of downtown neighborhoods.
  • Business Climate: Supporting the redevelopment, enhancement, and overall quality of the business district.
  • Economic Advantage: Increased access and customer traffic in the Olde Main Street District.
  • Natural Capital: Improved accessibility and visibility of the East River (traditionally a “hidden resource”) with restoration and beautification to come.
  • Safe Routes: More options for getting to work, school and play in a safer way.

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