Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation efforts within the City of Green Bay are led by the Landmarks Commission (LC). The purpose of the Commission is to carry out directives of the Green Bay Historic Preservation Ordinance. The LC reviews all exterior projects occurring at historic properties within the City. Along with historic property permit reviews, the Commission is an advocate and safeguard for historic sites, cultural heritage, and the aesthetic character of the City. We continue to proactively educate the community on Green Bay’s heritage, and work with the public and private sectors as a resource.

Information concerning the Landmarks Commission can be found here.

If you are proposing an exterior change to a historic property, complete the Certification of Appropriateness (COA) application and submit to the Department of Community and Economic Development (Room 608 of City Hall or e-mail to stephanie.hummel@greenbaywi.gov).

This map shows the City's historic districts and individually listed historic properties. Our Interactive Map can also be used to search by parcel.

Information about our Historic Preservation Revolving Loan Fund can be found here.

Information about the State's Historic Tax Credit Program can be found here.

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Process

The City's Municipal Code requires review of exterior projects on historic sites by the City of Green Bay Landmarks Commission (LC) or their Staff. This review is intended to allow the LC to review proposed projects and to provide information to the property owner about assistance, financial and otherwise, available for owners of historic properties. The LC only reviews projects that are proposed on the exterior of historic buildings. These include, but are not limited to, additions, siding, window and door replacement, roofing, and fencing.

Please note that ALL exterior projects (aside from general maintenance) require LC review, but not all of these items require a building permit. Questions? Call our inspection department at 920-448-3300 to verify if your property is historic and if a building permit is required.

Filing Deadline

For a project to be reviewed at the monthly LC meeting, a COA application and attachments must be filed by 4:30 p.m. on the second Monday of the month. Applications can be dropped off or mailed to City Hall (100 N. Jefferson Street, Room 608, Green Bay) OR e-mailed to stephanie.hummel@greenbaywi.gov.

COA Application

The COA application requires photographs of the property, as well as renderings and/or specs related to the project. If the nature of the project is such that a site plan is required, the site plan must also be submitted to the LC for review.  The applicant is responsible for providing as much information as necessary for a complete understanding of the proposed project.

Review of COA

Once a complete application is submitted, it will either be reviewed by our Staff or put on an LC agenda. Staff-level projects are noted on the back of the COA application. If reviewed by Staff, you will receive a COA letter informing you of approval or denial of the application. If reviewed by the LC, you will receive a letter informing you of the meeting date. Meeting attendance is recommended to discuss the project the Commissioners. A decision will be made at the meeting.

Length of Time for the Review

Staff-level reviews will typically be done within 1-2 weeks, dependent on staff availability. LC reviewed items will be taken up at their regular monthly meeting (every third Wednesday of the month), with special meetings being called when necessary. All items must be review within 30 days. In the absence of an LC meeting, Staff will make a decision after a 30-day period.

  1. Stephanie Hummel

    Planner II

  2. Jason Flatt

    Historic Preservation Specialist