Municipal Citations

Paying Your Citation

If you have received a citation and do not want to challenge it, you can pay it before the first appearance date on the citation. The Municipal Court accepts payment either online or in person at 330 S. Jefferson Street. Visit the Municipal Court’s website for more information on how to pay your citation.

Challenging Your Citation

If you wish to challenge the citation, you will need to appear at court on your first appearance date and enter a plea of “Not Guilty.” The Prosecutor is unable to discuss your case with you until a pretrial has been scheduled. If you would like to speak to the City Prosecutor regarding a citation you received, you must first enter a “Not Guilty” plea and have the matter scheduled for a pretrial. Check your citation for instructions for disputing your citation, which generally are as follows:

You must either appear in court on your appearance date and time or enter a written “Not Guilty” plea prior to your court date. You may do so even if you were required to post a bond. To enter a “Not Guilty” plea by mail, send a written statement entering your plea and include either a photocopy of your citation and your correct mailing address or note your citation number and court appearance date in your written plea. A “Not Guilty” plea by mail must be received by the court prior to the “Appearance Date” noted on your citation.

If you plead “Not Guilty,” you can always change your plea on a later date if you wish. By pleading “Not Guilty,” you will receive a date to meet with the city prosecutor for a pre-trial conference. Your appearance at that conference is mandatory, and you can discuss your case with the prosecutor at that time.

Citation Instructions

If the instructions provided here conflict with the instructions on your citation, you MUST use the instructions listed on your citation. The instructions provided here are provided only as a courtesy in helping you identify the instructions on your citation and have no binding effect.

Visit Municipal Court Page 

Parking Citations

Parking tickets can be paid at City Hall located at 100 North Jefferson Street. You can pay a parking ticket by dropping your payment in the pre-marked envelope in a drop box outside of City Hall, or by paying in person in Room 300 in City Hall. 

Pay Ticket Online 

To contest a parking ticket, you must file the contestation form available in Room 300 at City Hall within 30 days of the date of your citation. You will then receive a date to appear in Municipal Court to challenge your ticket. 

If you have already filed the contestation form but still have questions, contact Municipal Court directly at 920-448-3131.