Liquor Sales - New Establishments

Liquor License Overview

A license is a privilege granted by a municipality (city, village, or town) to a person (e.g., natural person, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation) that authorizes the sale of alcohol beverages for a specified time period. The license year runs from July 1 to June 30.

A new liquor license may be obtained by: 

  1. Obtaining a surrender from a current license holder and taking over an existing establishment.
  2. Applying for a liquor license at a new location (Reach out to the Zoning Department at 920-448-3400). 

For “Class B” Establishments: There is a quota of the number of liquor licenses the City of Green Bay may issue. The Clerk's Office Liquor Licensing Report is presented at each Protection & Policy Committee meeting. The report provides updated information regarding the number of liquor licenses available. If there are no longer available liquor licenses a license holder may apply for a reserve license for a $10,000 fee. 

There are also certain areas within the City of Green Bay that may restrict the ability to obtain a liquor license. Please review Parcel Data to see if your location is in a moratorium area. If your location is in a moratorium area reach out to the Clerk’s Office at 448-3010 or e-mail to discuss. There may also be limitations if a location is within 300' of a school, church or hospital.

Type of Licenses

Class A - For Consumption Off Premises (Typically Gas Stations, Liquor Stores) 

  • Class "A" Beer: $400 
  • "Class A" Liquor :$400 
  • Class “A” Cider License: No Fee but must be applied for with Class “A” Beer License 
  • Cigarette: $100 

Class B - For Consumption On Premises (Typically Bars, Restaurants) 

  • Class “B” Beer: $100
  • “Class B” Liquor: $400 
  • “Class B” Liquor (Winery Only): $400 
  • “Class B” Reserve License $10,000 (if no available are left)

Class C - (Restaurants Only): $100

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Applying for a New Liquor License

For New Liquor License Applicants please complete the following documents in its entirety:

  • Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application (PDF)
  • Liquor Auxiliary Questionnaire (PDF) for each person listed by each individual applicant, by each member of a partnership, and by each officer, director and agent of a corporation or nonprofit organization, and by each member/manager and agent of a limited liability company. 
  • Appointment of Agent (PDF) for corporations, nonprofit organization, or LLC 
  • Driver’s license or photo ID for each person required to fill out an auxiliary questionnaire 
  • Current Lease, option to purchase or option to lease 
  • For Individuals, Partners or Agents: Certification required “responsible beverage server” course (within the past two years) OR holds a current operator’s license (copy, issued in the last two years) OR proof of agency for another establishment 
  • Surrender Form (PDF) from present license holder (if one exist)s. There can only be one license holder at each address. 
  • Statement of Intent (PDF) with all appropriate signatures 
  • Wisconsin Seller’s Permit (copy)—Department of Revenue 
    • NOTE—the legal entity name on the seller’s permit must match the legal entity on the Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application 
  • Floor plan (Handwritten plans are acceptable) 
  • Picture of outdoor premise, if applicable 
  • Security Plan (Word Doc) 
  • $25 publication fee

Once compiled, call 448-3010 or e-mail to setup an appointment with the Clerk/Deputy to review to documents. If documents are complete the Clerk’s Office can accept payment and begin the liquor license process, which takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. As an applicant, you are expected to: 

  1. Contact the Inspections Department at 448-3300 to setup a building, plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Inspections. All licenses granted are contingent upon the approval of this department. 
  2. Be prepared to meet and review the business security plan with the Green Bay Police Department. They will reach out to schedule this appointment. 
  3. Attend the Protection & Policy Committee Meeting. Notice will be sent via e-mail to attend this meeting, which typically occurs 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. A liquor license is placed on the agenda upon the applicant meeting with the Police Department and the Police Department background checks. The Protection & Policy Committee reviews the application and recommends approval/denial. 
  4. Call the Brown County Health Department at 448-6400 to see if any licensing is required through their office. 
  5. Come to the Clerk’s Office to pay and pickup the liquor license (all unpicked up license after 60 days are subject to revocation). 

Need a liquor license sooner? You may be able to apply for a provisional license. Please review our Provisional License Fact Sheet for qualifications. If qualified, print and fill out the Provisional License Application (PDF). Return completed application to the Clerk's Office.