Residential Rain Barrel Program

Registration closed May 17

Due to the popularity of the pilot program last year, and a limited supply of rain barrels, a few changes have been made to the program. This year, residents can register their property for a chance to receive a free rain barrel.  All valid registrations will get a unique registration number, and recipients will be chosen using a random number selector once the registration period is closed. Registrations are only valid for City of Green Bay residents, owner-occupied residential properties, and only 1 registration per household address. You are not eligible if you received a rain barrel last year. Residents can register online starting May 10th through the 17th. If selected, residents will be notified by email with confirmation and delivery information. 

Public Works will deliver rain barrels to selected participant's homes in May/June 2023. The homeowner is responsible for the proper assembly and installation of the rain barrel. If your home received a rain barrel in the 2022 Rain Barrel Pilot Program, you are ineligible to receive one this year. 

Residents interested in harvesting rainwater and protecting water quality are encouraged to purchase a rain barrel from a local retailer. Prefabricated, ready-to-use rain barrels are available at many garden centers, as well as hardware and home improvement stores.  Alternatively, you can save money by making your own rain barrel. University of Wisconsin, Division of Extension is a good resource for learning more about building and maintaining rain barrels Rain Barrels – Wisconsin Horticulture

Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater

Rain barrels are used for the collection and storage of rainwater from rooftops by capturing water from a downspout. The water collected in a rain barrel may then be used later for watering plants, lawns, and gardens. This technique of rainwater harvesting is greener and cheaper alternative to using tap water. Rainwater is also better for plants than tap water because it is slightly acidic, contains nitrates, and is free of salts and minerals. Rain barrels offer opportunities to learn about water conservation and the amount of stormwater that is shed from roof surfaces. Rainwater harvesting is a quick and easy way to improve water quality and reduce stormwater runoff.

Why Use Rain Barrels?

Get FREE water by the barrel from your roof and use it when it’s dry outside to give thirsty gardens, flowers, and trees a drink.  Rain barrels help prevent rain from becoming polluted stormwater runoff – a big threat to the area’s rivers and lakes. Installing a rain barrel is an easy way to do your part to protect the East River, Fox River, and the Bay of Green Bay.

Rain Barrel Workshops - Please check back later. 

How to Install Your City of Green Bay Rain Barrel

Follow the instructions in the RainStation User Guide to make sure your rain barrel is set up correctly at your home. Instructions are available in English, French, and Spanish. Instructions in the Hmong language will be available soon. Some assembly is required, and installation includes drilling a hole into the downspout to connect the diverter to the rain barrel. The rain barrel and diverter kit are not compatible with round downspouts.

The City of Green Bay thanks the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and Fresh Coast Guardians for the use of the rain barrel installation video and other educational resources. 

Rain Barrel Installation & Care

Questions about the installation or care of your rain barrel? Here are some helpful resources to help you maintain your rain barrel. 

RainStation Planter Top User Guide

Diverter Rain Barrel Care & Maintenance

2022 Rain Barrel Pilot Program

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