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The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS) is a beautiful 535 acre urban wildlife refuge featuring live animal exhibits, educational displays, miles of hiking/skiing trails and various wildlife viewing opportunities. It is the largest park in the Green Bay Park system and home to the second largest wildlife rehabilitation program in Wisconsin, caring for more than 6000 orphaned and injured animals annually.

The Sanctuary attracts hundreds of thousands of bird watchers, families and other visitors from across the USA and many foreign countries each year. They come to explore and discover nature while learning the importance of preserving natural landscapes.

First established in 1936 as a site for waterfowl rehabilitation, the Sanctuary has grown to offer environmental education programs to over 10,000 students, nature walks, urban fishing, summer camps, cross country skiing and much more. View more information about the history of the Wildlife Sanctuary.

This park is free and open to the public year 'round!


Our Mission is to provide an urban wildlife refuge where people can interact with wildlife, plants, and other natural resources through environmental education and recreation.

Wildlife Sanctuary Goals:

  1. Provide environmental education opportunities that promote a greater public awareness, understanding, appreciation and concern for wildlife, plants and other natural resources.
  2. Provide recreational opportunities that promote enjoyable human contact with wildlife, plants and other natural resources.
  3. Provide an urban wildlife refuge and wildlife rehabilitation program that maximizes diversity of wildlife, plants and other natural resources.

Our Sanctuary is a great place to interact with nature! There is something for everyone!

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