What is the Sidewalk Improvement Program?

The Sidewalk Improvement Program is applied to all residences that contain sidewalks within the City of Green Bay. This program is a part of the City’s continuing efforts to repair deteriorating sidewalks and update them to current standards. The inspection and repair process of such sidewalks is done with accordance with the City Ordinance (Chapter 34, Section 34-7). The property owner is held responsible for maintaining and repairing the sidewalks in front of their property.

Why is it the Property Owners responsibility to maintain their Sidewalks?

According to City of Green Bay Code of Ordinances 34-7, as well as Wisconsin State Statues 66.0907 and 62.16, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks within the right-of-way.

What would make my sidewalk non-compliant?

Some of your sidewalk panels may be non-compliant if they contain the following issues:

  • There is an elevation differential between adjacent panels (trip hazard)
  • There is a transverse pitch that exceeds ¾-inch per foot (6%)
  • There are cracks present that are ½” or wider in width
  • The settlement is out of vertical alignment by more than 1 inch per foot from nominal grade
  • There is spalled concrete that makes up over 25% of a singular panel (5’ X 5’) that contains depressions of 1/2” in depth

What is the difference between the right of way and private property?Sidewalk Attachment

What and where is the Sidewalk Builders Licenses List?

An annual Concrete Sidewalk Builders License is required to any person who wishes to reconstruct their sideways (and/ or driveway aprons) within the public right-of-way in the city of Green Bay limits

*To see the right of way boundaries, refer to the map underneath the previous section*

Sidewalk Improvement Program Contacts

*Please note that responses may not be immediate, but you will get a response back as soon as possible as this staff works in the field as well*

What are some examples of the repair options a property owner can do?

Remove and Replace

  • This may be the only option if you have some sidewalk panels that are severely damaged and or/ broken since it is the only method of repair that fully removes and replaces the damage with a completely new sidewalk panel. 
  • This option can only be done by a license contractor hired by the homeowner
  • Will require permits from Department of Public Works

Epoxy Crack Filling

  • Epoxy crack filling is usually used to fill cracks or depressions in sidewalk panels so that the entire panel does not need to be removed and replaced with an entirely new one
  • Epoxy can be found in most local and chain hardware stores. If the product states “Epoxy Concrete Patch,” it is deemed acceptable for you to use by the City


  • Mud-jacking is mainly used to raise existing sidewalks that have sunken below adjacent sidewalk panels so that the entire panel does not need to be removed and replaced with an entirely new one 
  • Contractor is hired by the property owner

Diamond Grinding

  • Diamond grinding is usually used to “grind” off the edge of an existing sidewalk that has risen above adjacent sidewalk panels
  • The property owner can do this themselves or hire a contractor

Example Photos of Repair Options:

  • Remove and Replace (Can be completed by Property owner hiring a licensed contractor or the City will complete with their contractor)

  • Epoxy Crack Filling (completed by the property owner)

  • Mud-Jacking (completed by the property owner hiring a contractor)
  • Diamond Grinding (completed by the property owner or hiring a contractor)

How does Billing work if the City repairs my sidewalk?

If the City reconstructs a property owner’s sidewalk that was ordered for repair:

  1. The city will invoice the property owner after construction is completed 
  2. Invoices that are not paid in full (or any remaining balance after the 30 days of the invoiced date) will roll onto the property owner’s property taxes and shall be payable to the City of Green Bay in 5 annual installments at the current years interest rate per annum

How do I know if I properly repaired my necessary sidewalk panels?

If you chose to do repairs to your sidewalks after obtaining permits (Obstruction Permit and Sidewalk Grade Permit), as well as providing proper signing and barricading of the area prior to commencing the work, the sidewalks will need to be inspected by the City again to ensure that you have completed the repairs to City Standards

  1. To let the City know you have completed repairs, inform the City by either phone or email that the work is completed and ready for final inspection
  2. The City will then re-inspect the sidewalk panels on your property after the repairs are completed.

A notification letter will be mailed to you with the summary of replacement areas for your property

  1. Typical costs range from around $160-200 for a total replacement of one 5’ X 5’ panel

If repairs are ordered you will have 30 days after the formal notice to complete the repairs. After repairs are finished, call, or email the city so that we can inspect and document the repairs and take the repaired panels off your bill.

Additional Information

Here’s a current list of Sidewalk Builders (PDF) that have obtained licenses through the City of Green Bay for the current year.

Any questions, please contact Public Works, City Clerk or Risk Management.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is a permit required to do the work?
    • Yes, permits are required to perform work on sidewalks in the City right-of-way
  • Do I need to do anything if I’m letting the City Contractor do the work?
    1. You do not need to do anything if you choose for the City Contractor to do the work
  • When will my sidewalks be replaced by the City Contractor?
    • The sidewalk construction usually begins in the following summer and is completed by that fall if your address is on the council orders for repair in that specific year
  • When do I need to make repairs?
    1. Repairs need to be completed within 30 days of formal notice
  • What are some other repair options besides removal and replacement of sidewalks?
    1. Diamond Grinding (usually used for raised sidewalks)
    2. Mud Jacking (usually used for sunken sidewalks)
    3. Epoxy Crack Filling (usually used for depressions and cracks in sidewalks) 
  • Why doesn’t the City pay for the repairs?
    1. According to City of Green Bay Code of Ordinances 34-7, as well as Wisconsin State Statues 66.0907 and 62.16, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks and are given time to complete the task. If the property owner does not maintain their sidewalks, the City will do the work and bill the property owner
  • What happens if I (the property owner) don’t do anything?
    1. The hired contractor will remove and replace all sidewalk panels that you were instructed to repair, and a bill will be charged to the homeowner
  • Why are some of the sidewalks considered hazards? Why do they need replacing?
    1. The ADA (American Disability Act) created guidelines to follow to help improve safer travels for the disabled
  • What kind of epoxy filling do I use if I have a sidewalk panel with minor cracks/ depressions that has been marked with a white ‘X’ and needs to be repaired?
    1. Contact a local hardware store and ask for a product used outdoors on concrete that will last our Wisconsin winters.

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