Green Bay Police Department - Policy Manual

While balancing the interests of the public’s right to receive information and the public policy concerns in favor of non-disclosure, it has been determined that the public policy of protecting operational security and law enforcement techniques, as well as to prevent interference with police business, outweighs the public interests with respect to disclosure of the complete policy manual and attachments. Below is the Green Bay Police Department Policy Manual as of 08/31/22. For operational security, policies 305 (Critical Incident Investigations), 402 (Crime and Disaster Scene Integrity) and 409 (Hostage and Barricade Incidents) and all attachments that provide operational information as well as techniques, have been withheld from the policy manual posted to the website. Within the PDF, areas that appear to contain a link, are not functional, as they point to operational guidelines and police techniques. Policies are often updated frequently.  Requests for all polices can be submitted via email at or by calling 920 448-3329 and will be processed per the open records laws.