Landlord Alert Program

Be Informed in Real-Time

The Landlord Alert Program allows landlords to receive real-time notifications of potential issues at your property as soon as a complaint is made with the City. This will give you the opportunity to look into the issue and possibly address it before a City Inspector arrives to investigate. This program is being offered by the Inspection Department and is similar to the Green Bay Police Department's program to inform landlords of police calls. 

Here is how it will work: When a complaint is submitted to the City, a copy of that complaint will be automatically emailed to the owner and property manager (if their information is provided). Our Housing and Zoning Inspectors are required to follow-up on the complaint within 5 days of receiving it. This program potentially enables you the opportunity to correct the issue before the inspector arrives. The intent of the program is to aid the landlord in maintaining their property.  

Already Registered with the Police Department's CFS Alert Program? You will need to grant permission to use that data for this program as well. Please follow this link to do so. Once complete, you will be registered in the Landlord Alert Program. Any updates to the Landlord Alert Program will be done through the Police Department's CFS Program, as is done now. 

Want to Register? Click here, then on "Email Alerts - Sign Up". 

Need to Update your Contact Information? Click here. It will take you to the Police Department to update under "Manage Account". 

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