Gang Task Force


"Creating a safe environment and improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods by reducing gang activity"

As part of our mission to partner with the community, reduce crime, create a safe environment, and enhance quality of life, the Green Bay Police Department has formed a Gang Task Force (GTF). The Gang Task Force is coordinated by Captain Gary Richgels and Captain Ben Allen. Officers involved in the GTF receive specialized training in identifying gang behaviors, symbols, and graffiti.

Additional Duties 

In addition to performing patrol duties, and following up on gang related incidents, members are available to give educational presentations to civic groups and government entities on various gang prevention and identification topics.


If you would like to contact the GTF for a non-emergency situation, please email the Gang Task Force or call 920-448-3208. If you are observing a crime in progress, or other emergency, dial 911.

We have attached assorted information if you are interested in downloading them to learn more. If you would like to read more about gangs, please visit the National Gang Center.

Symptoms of Gang Activity

Most gang members are proud of their gang and freely admit their membership. Many dress in a particular style or color identifying their particular gang. Their personal belongings are frequently covered with graffiti and bear the gang symbols or logos and member’s street name. Look for and don’t ignore these warning signs:

  • Abrupt changes in personality and behavior
  • Associates with troublemakers and secretive peers
  • Cap tilted to one side or the other, earring in left/right ear, belt buckle to left/right of center
  • Changes in clothing patterns with a preference towards a particular color, sports or team logos
  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Frequently out late, breaks curfew rules or laws
  • Gangster influenced music, videos, books and movies. 
  • Imitation of gangster lifestyle
  • Prefers use of nickname or street name
  • Tattoos or branding of the body with distinctive designs, logos or names
  • Unexplained cash, material items, wearing a lot of jewelry or medallions
  • Use of hand signs and signals - usually as an alternate form of communication
  • Withdrawal from family involvement; an unusual desire for privacy