Safe Walk & Bike Plan

The Safe Walk & Bike Plan was a collaborative effort between the City and Green Bay Area Public School District, meant to capture both a Safe Routes to School plan and a Bicycle & Pedestrian plan. Through an extensive year-long process, this plan was created to show opportunities in the "5 E's": Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation. Find the final plan and attachments here:

FINAL Safe Walk & Bike Plan
Sidewalk Network Map
Bike Network Map
Sidewalk Network Prioritization Map
Bike Network Prioritization Map

A working group has been assembled to actively work on the implementation of this plan. This working group represents a variety of stakeholders, including city staff, school district staff, non-profit agencies, and elected officials. All updates from this working group and their meeting minutes are posted below.

  1. Minutes
  2. Reports